The Word of God delivered from the Pulpit

These sermons were recorded during regular and special services. It is our sincere desire that these words serve to both inspire and convict the listener. Isaiah 55:11 says "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."

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Title Scripture Author Date
Lost Their First Love Revelation, 2:1-7 Rev. Wayne Marcus 09/02/2015
How to See in a Better Way Revelation, 1:9-10 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/26/2015
Behold the Lamb of God Revelation, 5: Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/23/2015
Warning about Weariness Galatians, 6:7-10 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/23/2015
The Power of Love 1 John, 3:11-19 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/16/2015
What should I do when James, 5:13-16 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/16/2015
Faith to Serve and to Hold for the Lord Mark, 2:1-12 Rev. Brent Howell 08/09/2015
Becoming An Overcomer Revelation, 12:11 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/09/2015
Principles to Growth 1 Corinthians, 10:23-25 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/05/2015
Too Blessed to Obey Deuteronomy, 8:1-20 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/02/2015
1 Peter, 1:13-25 1 Peter, 1:13-25 Rev. Wayne Marcus 08/02/2015
Peace 2 Peter, 1:1-3 Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/29/2015
Hebrews, 13:4-9 Hebrews, 13:4-9 Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/26/2015
An Old Prayer for a New Day Isaiah, 64:1-8 Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/19/2015
Living a God Filled Life Matthew, 12:38-45 Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/12/2015
How to Handle Anger Ecclesiastes, 7:7-9 Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/08/2015
Stand with Determination Daniel, 1: Rev. Wayne Marcus 07/01/2015
How Can We Know? 1 John, 3:14-19 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/28/2015
The Responsibility of Spreading the Gospel Isaiah, 6:1-9 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/24/2015
Power Points for Parenting Job, 1:4-5 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/21/2015
The Time of Eli's Parenting 1 Samuel, 2:12-17 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/14/2015
Be Ready (Day of the Lord) 1 Thessalonians, 5:1-11 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/10/2015
Say Yes! Genesis, 22:1-18 Rev. Bill Stacey 06/07/2015
Parents, Teach Your Children Deuteronomy, 6:1-25 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/07/2015
Raising a Godly Family Colossians, 3:18-21 Rev. Wayne Marcus 06/03/2015
We are the Salt of the Earth Matthew, 5:13-17 Rev. Andy Pilgram 05/27/2015
Where are You in the Lord's Army? Ephesians, 6:10-12 Rev. Brent Howell 05/24/2015
God's Plan for Purposeless People Exodus, 4:1-17 Rev. Evan Alexander 05/24/2015
The Importance of Proper Parenting Deuteronomy, 5:23-29 Rev. Wayne Marcus 05/17/2015
Turning Sticks into Arrows Psalms, 127:1-5 Rev. Wayne Marcus 05/17/2015
From Faith to Fear 1 Kings, 19:1-18 Rev. Wayne Marcus 05/13/2015
Lesson on Faith from a Mother Matthew, 15:21-28 Rev. Wayne Marcus 05/10/2015
The Rule of Riches Luke, 18:18-30 Rev. Wayne Marcus 05/03/2015
Spiritual Victories in Battles 2 Corinthians , 12:1-10 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/29/2015
A Call to Christianity Romans, 12:1-2 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/26/2015
Standing Firm In Him Philippians, 3:20-21 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/26/2015
From the Mire to the Choir Psalms, 40:1-4 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/19/2015
The Fruit of Forgiveness Psalms, 32:1-11 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/12/2015
4-12-15 PM Service Psalms, 30:1-5 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/12/2015
How the Church Should Operate Titus, 2:1-2 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/08/2015
Jesus On Trial Acts, 1:1-3 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/05/2015
His Promises Romans, 8:28-34 Rev. Wayne Marcus 04/01/2015
Our Call for Gospel Living Romans, 1:1-17 Rev. Evan Alexander 03/22/2015
Purse Spiritual Maturity Hebrews, 5:11-14 Rev. Evan Alexander 03/22/2015
More than Conquerors Romans, 5:1-5 Rev. Wayne Marcus 03/11/2015
The Life of the Profane Hebrews, 12:15-17 Rev. Wayne Marcus 03/08/2015
Being a Good Investment 2 Corinthians, 6:1-10 Rev. Wayne Marcus 03/08/2015
The Greatest Question Ever Answered Acts, 2:37-41 Rev. Wayne Marcus 03/01/2015
The Task of Satanic Opposition Acts, 4:13-22 Rev. Wayne Marcus 03/01/2015
Prior Prep Matthew, 8:23-34 Rev. Brent Howell 02/22/2015
The Key to Communication James, 1:19-20 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/15/2015
The Ruin of a Relationship Genesis, 3:1-13 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/11/2015
God's Plan for Man & Woman Genesis, 2:18-24 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/08/2015
Wedding Wisdom No Scripture Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/08/2015
For A Stronger Marriage Proverbs, 5:15-19 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/04/2015
Leaning on the Lord 1 Kings, 17:1-16 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/01/2015
1 Kings, 18:20-4 1 Kings, 18:20-40 Rev. Wayne Marcus 02/01/2015
Evangelizing with the Great Commission Acts, 1:4-8 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/28/2015
The Waste of Worrying Matthew, 6:25-34 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/25/2015
Fulfilling the Call of Christ Matthew, 4:18-22 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/25/2015
How to Prevail 1 Samuel, 23:1-17 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/18/2015
Creative Team Ministry Mark, 10:13-16 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/18/2015
What is Faith? James, 2:14-20 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/14/2015
Confidence Statement Philippians, 4:13 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/04/2015
Moving Forward Philippians, 3:12-14 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/04/2015
Walking with Jesus John, 6:1-14 Rev. Wayne Marcus 01/07/2015

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Worship thorough Music

Throughout the year the various choirs at Tom's Creek will perform special musicals and programs. These are recorded for the enjoyment of those that were unable to attend or the continual enjoyment of those who were there. Visit our Music page to listen.

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